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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Slice Of Life #THE FINAL ONE

This is the final one and I am going to write a reflection for this SOL.

This was a great experience and it was a lot of fun sharing my thoughts and experiences that i have faced. At first I honestly thought that this would be a a waste of time but it ended up to be quite interesting. I am also relived that this is over because I need sometime off of blogging and it is the perfect time to stop. Anyways this was very fun and challenging at the same time and It was a wonderful experience.

Slice of Life #30

this is my second to last one and the end of this experience is almost here! For todays SOL I am going to talk about My Grandfathers birthday that recently passed.

My grandfather came to Kuala Lumpur to celebrate his birthday and this birthday was very important as it was his 70 birthday. we all woke up early in the morning before he was awake and made him a card. It is Danish tradition to wake up early and go into the birthday persons room and sing happy birthday.  That is exactly what we did. After he was awake we ate a big danish breakfast and gave him presents. I gave him Golf balls and a T-shirt and he liked it,  because he plays golf. After breakfast we went to the national visual arts gallery, which I thought was boring. As we were about to leave I tripped on the escalator and cut my toe.

Slice Of Life #29

Life hacks

I have been surfing the internet and came across a thing called Life hacks (acualy I found them a long time ago) And i decided that for todays SOL Im going to write about my top 5 most interesting life hacks.

  1.  To stop your self from vomiting eat a mint or chew minty gum.
  2.  Believing you have good memory can actually help you get better memory
  3.  Bees cant see you if you stand still
  4.  If you are sleeping right after a meal, sleep on your left side it helps you sleep better
  5. if you are feeling nervous shake your head back and forth and it will make you calm and less nervous.

Slice Of Life #28

For this SOL I am going to talk about What I did on the spring holiday (sorry for posting late).

For the Spring holiday i went to a beach resort in Tioman, It was called the Bajaya. at 9:00 the whole family and my grandfather packed for the trip to The ferry that goes to Tioman, it was a 6 hour drive and we decide to stop in Melaka to rest and eat lunch in a local Chinese restaurant. after eating we decided to wander Melaka for a bit and see what we can buy. we lost track of time and ended up spending an hour and when we got back in  the car we realised that we are going to miss the ferry! After a 3 hour drive of panic we made it to the ferry, Luckily we made it just on time. the ferry was 1 hour and a half and we bought chips for our selves. when the family got to the island we were greeted by a man that drove us to the resort. I finally made it to the resort and I was ready to go to sleep, BUT noooooo. we had to stay up another 2 hours to check in and figure out what there was to do. And then i finally got in to bed and fell asleep immediately, The next day was basically just going around and figuring out what to do in the end we went fishing (I caught four fish), We also we swimming in the pool and the sea and we played board games and we played on the pool table. the next day we swam some more, and played cards for the rest of the day. one the last day we woke up really early and packed up, we ate some local food for breakfast and went back to the ferry the ferry was different than before t was so much less organised and a lot  more cramped. but we made it back and got in the car for a 5 hour journey back to Kuala Lumpur.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Slice of Life #26

The Bro Code
during school about like maybe a week ago one of my best friends broke a bro code, and in our school the bro code is life once you brake a bro code the punishment is terrible (it wasn't that bad the punishment was basically us having some banter with him). So for this SOL I am going to write about the different bro codes we have in this group of bros.


  • Don't judge a bro.
  • If a bro needs help, you help.
  • Don't get a bro in trouble.
  • Help bros to get out of trouble.
  • Bros needs to keep secrets from other bros.
  • Don't lie to a bro.
  • Stay fresh.
  • have some great BANTA
  • when a bro brakes up with a girl do not date that girl.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Slice of Life #27

Thank You

Thank you dad (or far in danish) for being there all the time, and getting me out of bed to play, even though your not around all the time I still appreciate you for working really hard and coming home as soon as possible. Thank you for helping me through tough times and keeping me in this beautiful house. thank you for getting up early and encouraging us to go outside and play some sports instead of wasting my life on the electronics Thank you for being patient with us even though sometimes we can be a pain in the butt, and thank you for making me what I am today

Thank you mom for getting me through my life, staying at my side no matter what and teaching me good manners. you make me a happy and joyful boy when ever i come home from school by welcoming me back home. thank you for being strict and patient with me encouraging me to do what is right. Thank you for all the work you have put in to make me what I am today and pushing me to do my best no matter what, and thank you For helping me make my way through life.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Slice of Life #25

For todays Slice I have decided to Talk about some of my families traditions, that have become our family thing over the  years.

The first tradition is every birthday we celebrate by waking everyone up early and going into the birthday persons room and singing happy birthday, when they wake up we go into the dining room and eat a big danish breakfast with the family. For Christmas we usually have relatives over to celebrate, when we its time to celebrate we dance around the Christmas tree and sing songs, after that we Open presents. Another tradition is that every summer we go the our summer house in Denmark and meet relatives and play. we have a lot more traditions but the last one im going to talk about is our tradition of all ways reading how the grinch stole christmas on christmas eve, Every year of my life our family has done that and we are still doing it and hopefully until i move out of the house.